"Created to be an Oasis in the desert where the thirsty are satisfied through 

knowing and making known Jesus Christ."

Our thirst and hunger is to experience Jesus Christ in our everyday walking around lives 

and to show others his love, grace and power by how we choose to live out each day of our lives for His Glory.

as an oasis in the desert...



The truth is “We are better together!”  We are committed to see every person connected to Jesus Christ and to His Church family.  Connecting with others is not always easy or comfortable.  We will help you connect through multiple opportunities and experience God’s love and community.



Our relationship with Jesus Christ is strengthened by our Spiritual growth.  God wants us to become more and more like His Son, Jesus Christ in godly character.  This only happens through the power of the Holy Spirit, our connection with each other and our personal commitment to seek more of Him.  We will provide you tools to help in developing Spiritual growth habits. We will encourage you in  every step of the way.


God desires for us to utilize our hands and feet in service to Him by caring for and serving the needs of others.  We value and respect everyone and believe God has gifted every believer for ministry.  We will help you discover your God-given gifts and ministry. We will provide opportunity for you to live it out in the life of the church.



As followers of Jesus Christ, God has empowered us to be on mission for Him.  We are His ambassadors.  A part of saying “Yes” to Jesus Christ is committing to share His love and grace with others.  We are called to introduce others to Jesus.  We will help you discover and live out the unique mission God has for you to fulfill on this planet.



As believers in Jesus Christ, we learn to give God glory in all that we do throughout our day.  We learn, as we gather, grow, give and go to honor God with our devotion and worship.  Our lives become transformed through experiencing His love and grace each day and by sharing it with others.  We will help you experience a transformed life through all that we do at Creation Church. We are better together.  

Soli Deo Gloria [Glory to God alone].



God wants you to take that next step in your spiritual walk. Maybe that means getting baptized or having your infant baptized, or committing to take time to truly reach into the Bible on a daily basis, or maybe God wants you to see what His Word has to say about why you exist.  Our Creation Church Covenant Steps classes are designed to help you succeed in taking those next steps in your life.

How do our Covenant Step classes work?

Picture the Cross.  At the foot of the cross, we gather, you will get the foundation of who we are as a Church family  Then you will begin to circle the cross, where you will grow through tools that will help you to develop a closer relationship with God.  At your Third Step, you will begin to see how God has specifically designed you for ministry.  As you head to Step 4, you will discover your life’s mission of sharing God with the world.

Covenant Step 1


The Importance of Gathering

This class is designed to help you discover more about who we are as a church so that you might further discern if God is leading you to be a part of our family.  You will learn what it means to know Jesus Christ and how Creation Church is making Him known.

Covenant Step 2


“The Importance of Growing

This class is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. You will learn what it means to know Jesus Christ in a deeper and more intimate way. 

Covenant Step 3


“The Importance of Giving”

This class is designed to celebrate how God has uniquely designed you for ministry. It’s about getting the right people in the right places for the right reasons so that Creation Church can make Jesus Christ known.

Covenant Step 4


“The Importance of Going”

This class is designed to help you understand your unique mission to the world.  We will help you know how Jesus Christ will use your time, talents, and treasure to make Him known in this world.